Waco First Home Buyer – Waco As-is Cash Home Buyers

We buy houses anywhere in Waco and surrounding areas. Our specialty is to help you move on with more money in your pocket. We’re not a listing service or agents (no fees) and cover all closing costs. We’re Waco based direct homebuyers that buy as-is in McLennan and Bell County. We pay cash for houses right here in Waco. This means you’re selling your house directly with no fees or long sales process. Our home buying process is a quick and stress-free option for all homeowners.

Waco First Home Buyer - Waco As-is Cash Home Buyers
Stinson Bland:
Hi. Welcome to Waco First Home Buyers. My name is Stinson Bland, and I want to take a couple of minutes of your time to introduce ourselves, tell you more about our company, and answer some of the questions you might have. First and foremost, we are local, as-is, cash home buyers. When I say local, I mean, we are right here in Waco, Texas. Our office is right up the street on Austin Avenue, and we buy in all of central Texas. Our primary markets are Bell and McLennan County, but if you have properties in Hillsborough or farther out, give us a call. We would love to help you or at least find out if we’re able to help you.

To answer a couple of questions. One, are you cash home buyers? Yes. We’ve been doing this since 2009. We are actual cash home buyers. We are not wholesalers. We are not listing agents. We are not brokers. We want to learn more about your property, meet with you, and give you a fair cash offer based on the condition and the market status. If you do decide that you’d like to learn more about us, just reach out to us. Fill out the form below or give us a call. What I promise is we’re going to learn more about your property and the situation that you’re in, and most importantly, your desired outcome and see if we can work an offer to help you accomplish that desired outcome.

If you decide to sell to us, I will tell you this. We buy as-is. There are no fees. There are no commissions. There are no appraisals… meaning that when we come out and look at the property, we’ll give you an offer. That offer is what it is. We’ll show up to the closing table with cash and pay you that amount. There are no renegotiations or no option periods of termination options on the contract. We make an offer. You accept it. We’ll close. If you decide to move forward with an offer, we’ll handle all the paperwork, all the legal paperwork, and make the process as easy as possible.

If you do decide to contact us, which we do recommend, we will not put any pressure on you, and then there’s no obligation to work with us. But what I can promise you is we’re going to learn about the situation and try to best educate you on what your options are in regards to the real estate. Sometimes selling to us on a cash as-is basis is best. Sometimes listing it in its current situation is best. Sometimes working with a realtor and fixing it up and selling it in a rehab condition will net you the most money.

What our job is, is to learn what your desired outcome is, help you understand the local market. When I say local, I mean street-to-street, right around you. What are properties selling for? How fast are they selling? What kind of inspections are you going to expect if you’re selling a property, or do you just want to sell to us on a cash basis? What we will do… It’ll be myself or my assistant. We’ll talk to, learn as much as we can about the house, and then tell you what we believe your options are.

If you decide that you’d like to move forward and learn what our cash offer is, we’ll then schedule an appointment to come out and visit you on your timeline. We’ll tour the property, we’ll run our analysis, and then we’ll give you several different options. There will be absolutely no pressure, and our main objective is to help educate you on what your options are and let you determine what your outcome would be or what your desired outcome is. Do you want a quick sale for cash, or do you want to put some more work into the property? Maybe listing the property might be, based on the condition of the house, listing the property might be your best option.

What I’ll tell you is if you reach out to us, we’ll be super polite. We’ll be on time, and we’ll work on your timeline and help you accomplish your desired goals. We look forward to talking to you and hope to speak to you soon. Fill out the survey below. Or just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Thanks a lot. Have a great day.
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